Table’s Pinspot Lights

Table’s Pinspot Lights is the ideal way from an aesthetic point of view to illuminate the tables of your guests and your bridal table. It creates a romantic atmosphere without losing the essence that is nothing but having adequate lighting on the wedding tables.

The days when we used to illuminate wedding venues with floodlights such as squares and stadiums… are gone. It is a traditional vintage lighting where we meet mainly on the islands and combines the decorative part with the main purpose… to illuminate the space.

There has been a lot of talk in the last 2-3 years about table’s pin spotlighting on the tables of an event.

What is Table’s pin spotlighting and how much does it cost?

Let’s start with something more general about lighting at a party and we will end up with the table’s pin spot lighting!!!!

eventsforyou-rhodes-dj-centerpiece-highlighting-fireworks-01Until 12-15 years ago, the main ingredient for an event to be aesthetically successful was exclusively the flower decoration, or even to a greater extent!!!!! Lighting was a way of improving the aesthetics of space only in Weddings with a very high budget since the wedding lighting equipment and lighting, in general, had a huge purchase cost from the audio-video companies and consequently a huge rental cost. Power consumption from common high-pressure lamps was so high throughout the installation that is required in each case the use of a generator which in turn further increased the total cost of the event.

So it has come to the revolution in lighting with LED technology, and in the first phase, the problem of huge consumption in a Wedding reception facility was solved. Over time, the prices of LED luminaires reached levels affordable for all and this resulted in the rapid development of decorative lighting at Weddings. So a branch of decorative lighting is also the table’s pin spot lightning … Is it worth it?

 It is worth it with the above and beyond!!

The days when we had a wedding reception area with lighting that we use in a public square or at a festival or in a tavern have passed irrevocably.
Now the art is to create a sense of a dark backdrop without darkness in essence.

Simple things and questions. What do we want to illuminate? The tables? We are going to illuminate the tables.

Why since we want to light the tables to illuminate, the hallway, the wall, the entrance, the DJ, the empty points, the ceiling, the air-conditioning. Let’s take for granted that to illuminate a jewel in a display window we must illuminate the entire building block, is that possible? To illuminate a car in an exhibition window will we light the whole exhibition;

Of course, this is not the case and of course, you will not let your wedding reception become a public square….This is a huge innovation offered by spotlighting, to illuminate what interests you while maintaining the aesthetics of the space at a high level while not letting the bright lighting spoil the romantic landscape sought by all renowned wedding planners, so that is a simple way of not destroying the romantic atmosphere of your wedding.

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Events 4 You by Kostas Maravelias not only will cover up your events and parties with special lighting but also will decorate the place of the event or your wedding venue with professional high-quality lighting. LED Lighting technology allows us to decorate the venue full range of professional lighting options and combinations for the ultimate perfect result. Events 4 you have state-of-the-art technological equipment fully capable of dealing with small and large events and in combination with our experienced wedding DJs, it offers you an amazing result for your wedding! Our staff is fully experienced with clear and impeccable knowledge for the installation and assembly of our equipment aiming only at the best results and the absolute satisfaction of yours!


Events 4 You will take care of the preparation of the venue and the setting of your event before it starts, even more before you arrive at the venue! Our sound equipment is the best of its kind. We ensure crystal clear sound independently of the space the venue will take place. We use a wide range of speakers depending on the number of visitors and the venue of the event.


Our company offers you services of Fireworks &Special Effects so that you can create the most impressive result and a very special atmosphere in the most important moments of your wedding venue such us your entrance in the venue and the first dance of the couple. We guarantee an excellent and professional result and it is our commitment to creating fantastic photographs, ideal to be taken by a professional photographer so that these moments last for a lifetime!

Fireworks and special effects don’t need to be expensive to create a magic atmosphere. Our company has an official license to use fireworks at parties and events All the products that we are using are high quality and are accompanied by an approved security certificate. A starter budget pack for the fireworks are 100€, with an average budget of € 250-€ 350 for the fireworks “fountains” and 350 € – 500 € for the air fireworks.

The specialized wireless detonator is included in the price. We always give the first priority to the safety of each visitor and this is the reason why each firework is triggered by authorized personnel, on condition that all the safety standards have complied. The fireworks used in our events are always the ones of the highest standards and specifications and come in many types according to your preferences.


Events 4 you by Kostas Maravelias is ready to handle all your events and create a unique party for you, with the most talented and professional DJs. We are fully cable to handle all of your music preferences depending on the type of the event including weddings, private events, school events, corporate events, carnival events, birthday events as well as beach parties! We will create a special playlist together and we will design your event that will surprise each one of your guests.


Φανταστικός DJ, έκανε τη γαμήλια δεξίωσή μου τόσο προσωπική, όλοι χορεύονταν όλη τη νύχτα και όταν δεν ήθελα να ρίξω το Μπουκέτο μου πρότειναν ότι ίσως ήθελα να το παραδώσω σε κάποιον, έτσι έδωσα στην κόρη μου. Μας έκανε να κλάψουμε χαρούμενα δάκρυα, σας ευχαριστώ DJ της Ρόδου!!!!

Βάσω Δράκου

Η καλύτερη επιλογή κάνει την ξεχωριστή σας μέρα τέλεια!!

Θανάσης Ιωάννου

Amazing dj !!!!! Excellent music choices !!!! Consistency … organization …. professionalism !!!!
Thanks so much for everything !!!!!

Laura Bruni

Φοβερός Dj, Μπραβο!!

Panagiotis Organopoulos

Η καλύτερη επιλογή κάνει την ξεχωριστή σας μέρα τέλεια!!!!

Μιχαήλ Δημητρίου

Πολύ καλός , μπράβο !!!

Αγγελικη Χατζηδημητριου

Amazing dj !!!!! Excellent music choices !!!! Consistency … organization …. professionalism !!!!

Marco Giuliani

Αν δεν εχετε dj τον Κωστα στο γαμο σας ΜΗΝ παντρευτειτε! Φοβερος επαγγελματιας με μοναδικη επαφη με τον κοσμο, ο οποιος ξερει πώς να δημιουργει ένα παρτυ! Κωστα σ’ευχαριστουμε πολύ!!!

Giorgos Missikos

Ξεπερασε ολες τις προσδοκιες μας… δημιουργησε την πιο υπεροχη ατμοσφαιρα…. Στην πιο ομορφη ημερα της ζωης μας!!! ( Ξαναπαντρευομασταν…μονο και μονο για να ξαναζησουμε αυτό το υπεροχο παρτυ που μας διοργανωσες!!! )

Stefanos Vogiazis

Πραγματικα δεν εχουμε λογια. Αριστοι επαγγελματιες , εκαναν τον γαμο μας ένα μεγαλο παρτυ με τις μουσικες και τους φωτισμους τους! Ευχαριστουμε για τις στιγμες που μας χαρισατε παιδια!

Lina Karanika

Dj Kostas is the Boss. Το παρτυ πηγε τρενο ως τις 5+. Φωτα , πυροτεχνηματα , ηχος , όλα αψογα. Καλυψε και τους πιο απαιτητικους καλεσμενους μας. Ευχαριστουμε Κωστα!

Titi Titi

Επιλεξαμε τον Κωστα γιατι μας αρεσε ο τροπος που μας εδειξε και κατοπιν μας απεδειξε ότι το παρτυ του γαμου μας θα ηταν τελειο! Όλα ηταν σωστα και όπως τα ειχαμε συμφωνισει. Το παρτυ πηγε SKY ROCKET! Ευχαριστουμε πολύ Κωστα για όλα οσα εκανες για εμας!!!

Sofia Tsourounaki

Αγαπητε φιλε Κωστα , σε ευχαριστουμε για όλα!!! Η ολη οργανωση που ειχες και το αποτελεσμα που ολοι ειδαμε , δεν περιγραφεται με λογια!!! Μας εκανες τα ονειρα μας πραγματικοτητα… ♥

Eirini Tsourounaki

Πέρασε ήδη μια εβδομάδα από τον γάμο μας και ακόμα κόσμος μας μιλάει και είναι ενθουσιασμένος με τον φωτισμό που επιμελήθηκε ο Κώστας στον χώρο μας αλλά και για την άψογη μουσική επιμέλεια την ημέρα του γάμου μας. 🙂

Vasilis Papavasiliou


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